Bow Wow Won't Let Anyone Stop Him from Joining the WWE

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Brad & Barket/Getty Images for BET

Last we heard from Bow Wow, the soon-to-be retired rapper was gearing up for a new career as a professional wrestler. There was plenty of speculation that the announcement was only fuel for the album cycle, but as each day passes, Bow Wow doubles down on his decision to enter the ring against the world's best wrestlers. Bow Wow has taken to Twitter to stir the pot, creating hype as he gets to training with Rikishi.

"A lot of the wrestlers who are coming for me on twitter should be happy im going back and forth. Most have like 70k followers. Im actually helping you become a bigger name (million dollar man laugh) how you on RAW with 50k followers. Something not adding up [sic]," he Tweeted. But Bow Wow is having fun with the industry. After wrestler T-BAR called him "Paw Patrol," Bow Wow was eager to jab back. "Im slimming down. Getting in shape 1st. The process has started. Paw patrol..that was a good one. Who’s your ghost writer?" 

Whether or not Bow Wow is any good in the ring, we'll have to see, but he's proved his mettle in challenging his possible future opponents. Bow Wow's even engaged Soulja Boy, and the two are teaming up to take on Triple H or Randy Orton. Bow Wow Tweeted, "Aye @souljaboy the thing is we call our own shots and work for ourselves. They gotta check in with they boss in order to make things happen! @TripleH WE READY TO FIGHT!" By the time Bow Wow finishes getting himself into fighting shape, he'll have plenty of wrestlers eager to teach him a thing or two in the ring.

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