Bow Wow is Training to Join the WWE

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From Like Mike to "Like Steve Austin?" That's right, the 33-year-old Bow Wow, most notably known as an actor and rapper, has long had his eyes set on a professional wrestling career. 

While the events may be staged, there's nothing fake about Bow Wow's passion for the WWE. Bow Wow is looking to hop onto the massive success of Bad Bunny's wrestling championship, even challenging the music superstar to a bout at a future event. 

Surely, Bow Wow's interest in WWE won't hurt the promotion of his forthcoming last rap album, Before 30. But for those worried that this is all a PR stunt, Bow Wow is looking to silence the haters. He's enlisted Hall of Fame wrestler Rikishi as his trainer, and has begun trash-taking with many of the industry's stars. 

Bow Wow has been exchanging heated remarks with the likes of Damien Priest and Retribution, and any suggestions of the MC phoning it in have been thoroughly silenced. Bow Wow says wrestling has always been a lifelong dream of his, plus, it's a nice addition to his steadily growing resume. 

The rapper and actor (born Shad Moss) is one of the most versatile entertainers in the industry, so it's easy to see him immediately fitting into the dramatic theater of professional wrestling. Whether he stands a chance against some of the WWE's biggest stars is the big question, but with Rikishi on his side, he's off to a fast start.

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